Thursday, 5 January 2012

Helmet B


Should you always wear a helmet when you ride a bike? This is one of those issues that crops up regularly on blogs and in the media and more often than not written by people who don’t ride regularly. I’m not going to go into it now, it’s a personal choice and people should be left to make their own mind up in my opinion.

One of the reasons people cite not wanting to wear a helmet is they are often bulky, heavy and can be quite hot too. Well French designer Julien Bergignat has come up with an idea called Helmet B, also known as ‘Tatou’ or Armadillo. Using the Armadillo as inspiration for the form of the helmet it creates a protective shell when riding but can be laid out flat when you’re not on the bike.

I think it makes a pretty nice looking helmet but not convinced it would protect you that much on impact. It’s just an idea at the moment but I would love to see it put into production to offer something different in the helmet market.