Monday, 16 January 2012

Genesis Equilibrium

I've entered myself in for a few charity rides recently and plan to do big ride from Birmingham to Weymouth to raise money in memory of brother in September. As such I'v been out on my road bike a bit more which has led to me to start thinking about buying a new one too. The old Raleigh frame is pretty heavy and is a little bit too big for me too but there is one thing which keeps stopping me committing to a new bike. That is most of them look dull, samey and are lacking real style.

Well that was until I found the Genesis Equilibrium, I'm already a big fan of their fixed wheel Day One and I was glad to see the Equilibrium shares it's retro styling and Reynolds steel frame. It's had  some great reviews and as they say on their site 'it proves that steel is still a material to be reckoned with for a fast road bike.' I wish more bike designers in this field considered the look and ride of the bike rather than just the weight and speed but I don't think I'm your average road biker.

Best get saving some pennies though as the entry level 00 model comes in at £899.99 which is a bit out of my price at the moment. But seeing as they are a British company surely I would just be helping out the country's economy by buying one, right?