Thursday, 3 November 2011

Feats per minute - the bike which is also a record player

'What if you were able to generate music by the simple act of riding your bike?'

This was the question which drove a group of Dutch designers to come up with Feats per Minute. They took an old bike, switched the crank to the left side and added a vertical record player to the rear. After a lot of tinkering then adding a cone and amp to increase the volume of the record they had managed to build a working prototype where the speed of the record was determined by how fast you ride. So if you're a fan of Barry White it might slow down your commute to work.
The video below shows the guys bringing over the bike to London to show at a pop up exhibition at Dezeen. At the moment they don't have plans to get the bike into a mass production by they would like 'every city will have at least one Feats per minute biking around.'  And maybe a few DJ battles along the way.