Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Rothera Cycling Caps

I came across Rothera after reading a great feature about Gary Rother over on Headset Press, and their comprehensive and endorsing review inspired me to order my own cap. Now, after a few weeks of using the cap in some very wet and very cold conditions I couldn't be happier with it.

All Rothera caps are handmade to order by Gary so there is the opportunity to customise exisiting models or have a completely different version. I wanted the functionality of their winter cap, which is fleece lined but liked the look of the Sweney model. The caps are water resistant as standard and made from a quick drying, breathable material. So if you get caught in the rain on the ride to work it's not going to be soggy when you put the cap on to go home. A definite bonus when wearing one in the rainy autumn days of Britain.

The quality of these caps is obvious when you first get hold of one, and at a price of $48 including the delivery I think it's great value seeing as how often it will get used. It's also always nice to support the guys that are doing things themselves and the level of customisation is great, showing the benefit of dealing with small companies.