Thursday, 4 October 2012

&bike magazine

Dreamt up by two journalists who love cycling in all it's many guises, &Bike is a great new addition to the online cycling world. As you would imagine the writing is top notch, witty, informed and playful with the articles being accompanied by great photography.

Articles so far have ranged from the role of  and renaissance of British steel, to the Bicycle Style Police (BSP) keeping an ironic eye on your cycling gear. I'm still relatively new to the world of cycling and love reading about all the different ways people use their bikes and the adventures they get up to. In many ways it's similar to Boneshaker in it's approach to writing about the world of cycling without having to focus on the pro side of things or which carbon frameset you should ride.

At the moment they just have an online presence but are considering writing a magazine, the weekly Sunday Read is a nice touch and I'm sure will be the perfect read in front of the fire after a cold, wet and windy wintery ride.

You can read more on their site, facebook page and twitter feed.