Thursday, 6 December 2012

Vulpine Trousers Review

I've been on the look out for a decent pair of trousers for commuting for quite some time, most of them look like the sort of trousers you'd wear if you were about to climb a mountain. I don't do that. I just want to put on a pair of trousers, ride to work and know that I'm not going to turn up looking like a drowned rat. For quite a while I coveted a pair of Rapha's softshell trousers, mainly because I think their city riding jacket is awesome. But for some reason or another I just couldn't afford them at that moment.

When I heard Vulpine were planning on releasing a pair of trousers I was pretty excited. The reviews they've received for the jackets and merino wear have been really good and the attention to detail they put into their garments is obviously immense. So just when they came available luckily coincided with me doing some overtime, I had a bit of extra cash to fulfil my wish. At £120 they aren't cheap but what you get for your money is a pair of trousers which have been really well thought out and expertly put together. From the little carabiner hook in the pocket to hold your keys, to the bits of reflective taping just where you would want them.

And then obviously there is the ability to keep out the rain, which is brilliant, the rain simply balls up on the trousers meaning you get to your office and just wipe off the water and you're ready for the working day. No need to get changed, no need to carry extra stuff, just sit down and crack on and earn some more money to spend on bike stuff! My only niggle is the fact that they aren't very warm but then I have been wearing them in what has been one of the coldest weeks of the year. And this fact is easily fixed by wearing a pair of under-shorts or cycling quicker.

I'm a pretty visual person as you can imagine and the way the trousers look was again one of the main reasons why I chose to try them. I work in a pretty smart office so can't get away with other commuter options like Levi's jeans or chinos. These trousers work really well as part of a smart outfit and I've worn them several times in the office with no one asking why I was wearing 'performance' gear. It's clear that the company have thought about the trousers work and fit as well, a nice tailored leg with a little bit extra room at the knee gives a smart but functional look.The only thing which might give you away is the gentle rustle of the fabric as you walk.

All in all the Vulpine trousers look great, keep you dry and blend into the background when you want them to. I think they are great, definitely worth the money if you commute regularly and can't wear jeans in the office. So head over to their website and grab yourself a pair before they all run out!