Monday, 7 February 2011

5 Stylish bikes to get you going

So how about a few stylish bikes to get you going, these are some bikes I like but everyone has their own taste so would be keen to what you guys ride. I'll post about one each day for the next five days and try and find a picture of someone looking stylish on them. First up its the Dutchie Dapper.

1. Dutchie Dapper

The classic bike style, the Dutchie never fails to impress the passer's by. It comes with a long list of features including built in dynamo lights, pannier rack, security lock and chain guard to keep your suit trousers looking sharp. It also comes with free UK delivery and a 10 year guarantee, at £258 for a single speed that's a bargain allowing you to spend a bit more on a new suit.

No dapper gent unfortunately to show you but this lady is rocking a pretty cool look.

via CycleMAYnia Flickr

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